Birsen Atakan

Birsen Atakan is a lawyer, sociologist, human ,and women’s human rights activist. Conflict management, nonviolent communication, mediation and conciliation are among her fields of expertise.
She is registered with the Mediation Department of the Ministry of Justice and the Istanbul Bar Association. Alongside legal mediation, counseling, mentorship and coaching services, she organizes workshops and training for the private sector and NGOs for the spiritual and bodily empowerment of women in the fields of conflict management, mediation, nonviolent communication, nonviolence, gender and gender based violence, sexist violence.
Some of the civil society organizations among whose founders and volunteers she has been part of are: Mor Çatı Women’s Shelter, Convention of Women’s Shelters and Counseling Centers, Women’s Solidarity Foundation, Filmmor Women’s Cooperative, Women’s Peace Initiative, BPW Federation of Business and Professional Women, Biz Bizee Association, Association for Struggle Against Sexual Violence, Istanbul Convention Group, Nonviolence Training and Research Center, Human Rights Association, Mediation Volunteers Association, Peer Mediation Group, Pro Bono Legal Support Network, Transformative Activism Group. She is a member of the Turkey Antenna of the Mediterranean Women Mediators Network.

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