Ayşe Betül Çelik

Ayşe Betül Çelik received her Ph.D. in political science from the State University of New York at Binghamton in 2002. She teaches conflict analysis and resolution, and political science at Sabanci University in Istanbul. She has been a visiting scholar at the American University (2009) and the University of Sydney (2013). Her work focuses on ethnicity, forced migration, reconciliation, civil society and gender in peacebuilding. Some of her works appeared in journals like Human Rights Quarterly, Journal of Refugee Studies, International Journal of Peace Studies, Patterns of Prejudice and International Journal of Intercultural Relations.

Her co-authored book Confronting Forced Migration: Human Rights Quarterly, Journal of Refugee Studies, Europe-Asia Studies, New Perspectives on Turkey vs Patterns of Prejudice Post-Displacement Restitution of Citizenship Rights in Turkey analyzes the socio-economic, legal and psychological problems the internally displaced Kurds in Turkey encountered during and after their displacement.

Prof. Çelik also served as a consultant to several civil society organizations, and is a founding member of the Peace Foundation. Trained in dynamic conflict mapping, problem-solving workshops, negotiation, dialogue, and UNSCR 1325, gender and mediation, she teaches conflict resolution, and gender equality to civil society, private companies, and public schools.