What is the approach of the Turkey Antenna of the Mediterranean Women Mediators?

The Turkey antenna of the Mediterranean Women Mediators Network (MWMN) define the mediation is a conflict resolution method that respects the principles set out in international agreements and frameworks (neutrality, honesty, equality, merit, non-coercive, consensual, etc.), supports the participation of women and women's organizations in equal, active, effective and complete conflict, and above all peace processes apply the principle of gender equality and gender-sensitive conflict resolution.

The mission of the Turkey Antenna is to ensure equal, active, effective, and full participation of women in all mediation processes (pre, during and post) as well as the pre-mediation preparation stages where the parties come together more non-formal settings. It is also equally important to convince women’s participation during and after the mediation processes.

Besides, the Turkey Antenna is against all forms of violence in the process of mediation and/or any non-compliance solution. In particular, it stand against all the visible and invisible forms of violence that women and other groups may face in mediation.

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