Who Are We

The Turkey Antenna of the Mediterranean Women Mediators Network is an initiative, which aims to strengthen the role of women in the processes of mediation, negotiation and peace building and to utilize these mechanisms in creating a public discourse in this respect. The membership of the Turkey Antenna comprises women from Turkey with a wide range of affiliations, including members of civil society, academia, mediation and politics and have professional expertise in gender issues, conflict resolution and peace building. The Turkey Antenna, which is created under the international umbrella of the is not organically linked to any political entity or civil society organization.

The mission of the Turkey Antenna is to enable women mediators in Turkey to meaningfully participate in all phases of peace and conflict resolution processes in order to achieve gender sensitive conflict resolution and peace building outcomes. In this respect, the Turkey Antenna aims to undertake relevant research and disseminate its findings, organize seminars and training sessions to enhance women’s mediation capabilities and skills, and develop applied conflict resolution activities, including to foster partnerships and cooperation with other mediation and peace building networks nationally and globally.

In accordance with United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security, women’s role in mediation and peace building are well recognized and acknowledged by member states and international institutions. However, in Turkey, women’s peace initiatives are not sufficiently visible, yet, as emphasized by 1325, women can make significant contributions to gender equality and sustainable peace.